maandag 1 juli 2013

Reactie Blogspot Laufhunden


Thank you for your news...  the Blogspot change...
Please send our greetings to Suze Wissink... We hope that she is getting on all right! 
Soleil is now turned 8 at the beginning of May and for his age he is very well... say that we have got his weight down to 28kg... we now know that my daughter had been most likely feeding him secretly! 

He still loves water and goes bathing with our other Collie mix in the river near our new home in Nideggen - Abenden... the Rur Tal that flows down to Roermond in fact!
Maybe when we have some time we travel to one of the group meetings! At the moment we are very busy working to set up our new Praxis and Workshops together in our new home!
Greetings to everyone who remembers us including those who look after Soleil's mother in Echt
I have placed the new Blogspot in my favourites and look forward to its development... a great idea(:))

Bye from us both
Till next...

John und Beate Holland-Laurentius